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iTunes Connect (iTC) will automatically detect if your app ships with multiple languages. However, if you want to provide localized App Store descriptions, keywords and screenshots, you will need to set this up through the iTC interface.

Adding a new localizations

  1. Log into iTunes Connect
  2. Choose Manage Your Applications
  3. Select the app to which you want to add a localization
  4. If the app is already on the App Store, you will have to create a new version. You cannot add localizations to submitted apps.
  5. You will see your Original App Store Description. Click Manage Localizations.
  6. Now click Add New Language
  7. Choose the language from the popup menu. Then add your localized meta data and screenshots
  8. Press Save.
Quick gallery in case you get lost:

Adding localizations post release

It is not possible to add localizations without updating your binary, however there is a work around that will let you add metadata localizations further down the line.

To do this, set up the localizations as above and fill them in with your English text. Once the app is live you are able to edit the description in iTunes Connect. You can then replace the English text with your localized text!

This work around is great if you are waiting for release notes or descriptions to be translated but you need to submit the binary for approval before a deadline. Add your localizations anyway, fill them with English and then replace with the localized text when you’re ready!

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