Localizing iOS Unity App Names.

iOS app names can be localised fairly and easily if you are building a native app in Xcode, but it’s not so obvious if you’re building your game in Unity.

We are aware of two separate ways to localize your Unity app (if you are aware of any more, please let us know!)

Method 1: Editing InfoPlist.string in Xcode (Free)

The first is unfortunately quite a manual process.

  • Open your project in Xcode
  • Select your Project in the Project Window
  • Add Localization
  • Click the drop down on Info.plist in the Project Window
  • Add “CFBundleDisplayName” or “Bundle Display Name” Key to your Info.plist
  • Enter the translation for this language
  • Rinse and repeat

Method 2: Using a Unity Extension (iOS and Android – Paid)

The second is to use a Unity Extension. We’ve found this extension by The Next Flow which has some good reviews. It isn’t free, but seems to do the trick for both iOS and Android.



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