How long does it take to localize an app?

Simple answer: How long is a piece of string?

Better answer: Each and every app is different. Different in size, in type, in target market. Each of these differences have an effect on the time it takes to localize an app.

Tip! Many translators operate on a general rule of 1500 words a day.

1500 words is around 2.5 standard A4 paragraphed pages (imagine college style essay writing). That’s not to say everyone will be able to follow this rule and you must also take into consideration the translator’s other on-going commitments and the complexity of the source language.

If you are handing over your app to an agency, like Applingua, you need to give them time to extract strings, check terminology against Apple’s own and perform any necessary XIB customizations. Ask your agency for a time estimate at quote stage.

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