Dealing with Duplicate Strings

There are often duplicate strings in apps. Imagine how many times the words “OK” and “Cancel” appear when you use any piece of software. Dealing with duplicate strings can be laborious and time consuming.

Without using a third party app, it’s going to be a manual process for either developer or translator. A developer can always request a localizer translate the word once or twice and then fill in the rest themselves to save time / money, or a developer can find and remove the duplicate strings manually before sending to the localizer.


Translators: Find & Replace are your friends

All good Text Editors have a find and replace function, usually found in the Edit menu. If you notice several repetitions of exactly the same word, there’s no problem using it. Just double check it’s 100% the same, as if there’s a subtle difference you should translate this separately.


Applingua and other app localization agencies

Certain app localization agencies, including Applingua, handle duplicates for you. We only ever translate the word once, so you won’t be charged for 20x OK buttons, etc.

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