The Cost of Localizing Your App

The cost of localizing your app, regardless of platform, varies significantly depending on the size of the app you’re localizing and the service you use to do the work for you. For the sake of this KB entry, we’ll assume your app has an App Store Description of 250 words and your app strings, including error messages, total 750 words.


Getting app localization for free

If you have a small app, consider using your users to localize your app. They, after all, know your app best.

Pros: Terminology should be correct, free.
Cons: Translator fatigue, unreliable deadlines, consistency if using several users, can’t use for longer prose/marketing text (unless they’re qualified).

Avg. Cost: Free (Be careful with users translating marketing text. Prose translation is a post-degree level skill).


Using a crowdsourced solution

If you have a bigger app or a lot of text, there are many crowdsourced solutions online. They provide affordable, native speaker localization, but beware of consistency issues.

Pros: Fast, inexpensive, native speakers.
Cons: Issues with consistency (many people working on your project), major terminology issues (often translators have little experience with ‘tech’ or ‘apps’)

Avg. Cost: $50


Using a professional service such as Applingua

More expensive, but often include in-app testing. Translators most experienced.

Pros: Quality assured, certified translators, excellent on consistency and terminology
Cons: More expensive, often longer deadlines

Avg. Cost: $200 (including in-app testing, less if you do your own).

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