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Basic App Localization Process

The following process diagram gives you an overview of the most basic app localization process. There are definitely ways around some of the ugly work here (like IBTOOL), but this is at the core of nearly every app localization project. Read Article ›

Starting out as an App Translator

The Applingua Knowledge Base tries to cover as many topics as possible regarding app translation. This page will help you navigate some of the other posts if you are starting out as an app translator and translating an app for the first time. Read Article ›

What are .DS_Store and _MACOSX files?

.DS_Store and MACOSX files are files created by computers running Mac OS X which determine how a file appears on their computer. Read Article ›

Language switching tools (OS X)

Developers and translators often need to test their localizations before approving them. Read Article ›

Language Fallbacks

A simple rule applies to both OS X and iOS apps: if localized resources aren't present for a user's locale, the native development region will be used. Read Article ›

Taking screenshots on your iPhone or iPad

iOS allows you to take a screenshot without interrupting your workflow while using your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Read Article ›

Taking Screenshots on Your Mac

Mac OS X allows you to take a screenshot without interrupting your workflow. There is also some area flexibility when taking a screenshot. Read Article ›

What is Mac OS X (OSX)?

Mac OS X or, as it is commonly referred to, OSX is the operating system that ships with all Apple Mac computers. It is comparable to Microsoft's Windows or a Linux system. Read Article ›